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Seeds of Health, Hope and Happiness

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Educator & Coach –

Spring has arrived and, once again, nature will teach us the cycle of life in an accelerated version. Flowers and plants emerge from the soil providing beauty and food to nourish our body, mind and spirit. Spring brings hope. Audrey Hepburn’s quote captures this well, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Another vision of spring is the caterpillar as it begins the process of metamorphosis. The monarch butterfly will emerge from its cocoon and fly away; feeding on flowers and enjoying its short life, which is only about two to six weeks.

We can learn a lot about life by embracing a few fundamentals from nature. When growing a flower or vegetable garden, there is a three-step process: plant; cultivate; harvest. The seed is truly amazing but without soil, water and sunlight, the seed will remain a seed. Too much or too little water and sunlight, as well as poor soil pH, and the plant will fail to thrive.

I believe we have all been given a garden to nurture and cultivate. Our life is a garden and how we live it determines the quality of our life. We have to search within ourselves to find the seeds of our garden.

The Power of Positive Thoughts, Words and Actions
The different seeds planted in our lives produce different harvests. The seeds are our thoughts, words and actions. With every thought, every word and every action, you are either nurturing or depleting your well-being.

Positive thoughts, words and actions are like Miracle-Grow for your health and well-being. These seeds can grow into something that thrives; whereas, negativity and neglect shortens and often destroys the lifespan. Although you may not see the impact it has today, next month or even for years, there is an impact on your life and the lives of others.

Are you feeling emotionally and physically depleted? Are you frustrated because you keep waiting for the flowers to bloom when you have yet to sow the seeds? Health, good or bad, is a process of seeds planted over time.

A Sustainable Roadmap for Wellness
My TCOY Wellness coaching and programs were created from personal experience. I understand good intentions, misinformation and the “standard of care” mentality will lead to wrong methods and solutions, ultimately leading to frustration and failure, so I developed a sustainable roadmap for wellness.

Imagine your life full of abundance, joy and contentment. The seeds of greatness have been planted in all of us, but we need to cultivate them emotionally, physically and spiritually. Choose to be empowered. Begin your wellness garden by taking the first step and invest in your future today.

TCOY = Take Care of You
. 1×1 Coaching
. Company Lunch-n-Learns
. Company Wellness Program

When you begin to wonder if small things really matter, remember the mighty oak tree was once a small acorn that held its ground. Plant and cultivate and you will harvest the rewards.

April TCOY Challenge
. Physically plant something like flowers, a tomato plant or an herb garden
. Sow seeds of encouragement to someone by showing appreciation
. Plant seeds of love by acknowledging others with a smile or compliment

Client Testimonials
Lucy is a special and uniquely qualified individual and a major asset to the wellness community. She walks the walk as well as talks the talk. She has an approach and life philosophy that empowers everybody to take care of themselves – literally!
P. Pocklington

Being the expert wellness coach and educator that she is, Lucy teams up with her students, factually and humorously, in the search for balance of mind, body, and spirit. She helps bridge the gap between wanting to be well, energetic and in control, and the everyday reality of dealing with mental, physical health topics like overeating, under-exercising and having too little down time. Lucy is passionate about her cause and it shows in her work.
C. Evers

TCOY “Courting Wellness 101 Workshop”
Saturday, April 13th, 10 am – Noon
The Athletic Club of Overland Park
Limited Seating
For more information and to RSVP:
913-709-6050 or lucy@tcoywellness.com
*Mention Magazine and receive a discount.*

Lucy Kupish DelSarto, WEC
Lucy founded TCOY Wellness in 1999. She is a former Professional Athlete ranked in the “Top 16” in the world on the Women’s Pro Racquetball Tour with 30+ years of coaching, including four years at Stanford University. Lucy remains remains active in racquetball mentoring and competing in the top men’s divisions and has held the KS Women’s Open Singles Title since 1999.

Lucy provides personal / group coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs and Lunch-n-Learns. She is a Key Note Speaker, Blogger, writer, special guest on various radio shows and podcasts. Her soon-to-be released book, Action Required, is a guide which applies to all areas of life.  Included in the book is her poem, “All I Needed To Know I Learned On The Court.”

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