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Setting a New Standard in Hearing Care: Our Patients are Like Family

By Belinda Gonzales, Owner, NuSound Hearing Center

New Standard in Hearing Care
Our Patients….Our Family

If you have ever bought, considered buying, or helped a loved one buy a hearing aid, you know the process can be grueling. Many of you have felt about hearing devices the way that I feel about purchasing insurance or doing my taxes. The policy could be written in Chinese and I would have just as good of a chance of understanding them.

Today’s marketplace has many choices. You can buy hearing devices from doctors, wholesalers, specialists or online in many styles and price ranges. There are advertisements and special offers mailed to us daily. So why do so many of our loved ones refuse to take the first step?

I believe that the greatest obstacle that those with hearing loss face is the industry itself. We are our own worst enemy. Many in the industry have approached it from a sales angle; making buying a hearing aid similar to buying a car. Others have approached the industry from a completely medical standpoint which, while that may be more appropriate, can be just as confusing.

Founding of NuSound Hearing Center
NuSound Hearing Center was founded after a personal medical scare. I had not gone for my yearly check-ups and once I was convinced something was wrong, the tumor was quite large.

My first appointment with a physician was about five minutes followed by a two minute phone conversation when he announced that he would be performing surgery. On both occasions, he was rushed and seemed to delegate my care to others.

I needed a second opinion. The soonest I could get an appointment with another physician was four weeks away; once I was told there was a six month wait. I begged, I cried, but everyone was too busy.

It was then that I called my physician from my home state of Texas. The nurse asked for copies of my test results. I explained the doctor would not remember me since it had been a decade but I would appreciate any help he could give.

That evening, the phone rang. The doctor greeted me with questions about my family. He remembered! He spent time that evening explaining everything on his own personal time. He cared! We packed up and drove to Texas for the surgery because we knew we could trust him.

Setting a New Standard of Care
Before opening the doors of NuSound, I knew that we would set a new standard. My experience would be remembered and I would strive to be worthy of the same confidence that I had had with my Texas physician.

I believe that when it comes to our health, ALL our medical providers should be in communication with one another. At NuSound, all test results and recommendations are shared with your primary care provider. There are many factors with your health that can affect your hearing such as diabetes, heart, and medications. Your PCP should be included in your hearing health.

NuSound also partners with dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, and an excellent audiologist and otolaryngologist to make sure that whatever is detected, we are equipped to walk with you through this journey.

Prompt and Unrushed Appointments
You will see NuSound in your community, in your churches, in your schools. Most importantly, you will see us when you need to; for as long as you need to. NuSound is sufficiently staffed, making getting appointments prompt and having an appointment less rushed. Evening and weekend hours are available.

NuSound also schedules quarterly wellness check-ups to monitor your progress, document health changes, and run diagnostics of the devices. We will make sure your devices are clean, clear, and up-to-date with the latest software.

We care. We listen. We teach. And then we follow through.

Care You Can Trust
No one will probably ever drive through two states to get to NuSound, but many will drive past several other hearing facilities. Why? I believe for the same reason why I let my agent make my life insurance decision: I trusted her to do what was best for me and my family.

Call today to schedule your annual hearing evaluation. In Kansas City, call 913-232-7754; in Topeka, call 785-783-8121. Or, visit us online at

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