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ShelfGenie® Solutions May Be Tax Deductible

By Alan C. Smith

ShelfGenie® SolutionsShelfGenie’s concept is simple. We make life easier by addressing access, organization and storage capacity challenges in older adult’s kitchens, pantries and other spaces. We do so with highly trained designers that understand the pain and frustration of older adults who want to stay in their home.We makeit safer and more convenient to get items out of the pantry, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, laundry room, home office, garage or anywhere you have a cabinet or shelf.

Our extensive line of affordable, custom designed Glide-Out shelving solutions provides homeowners with easy access to their belongings, converting cabinets into more practical and usable space. By improving organization and accessibility, which can reduce stress, we can help transform the way you use your home.

A capital expenditure for the permanent improvement of property that wouldn’t normally be for a medical purpose may nonetheless qualify as a medical expense if it relates directly to medical care. Modifications to kitchen cabinets and equipment are generally eligible in full for a medical expense deduction when made for the primary purpose of accommodating a personal residence to the handicapped condition of the taxpayer, the taxpayer’s spouse or dependents who reside there. Other limitations to the deduction may apply. Please seek advice from a qualified tax professional.

Normal installation takes only a few hours, and our shelves come with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor. This is truly one of the lowest cost remodeling projects you can do, offering an immediate return on kitchen satisfaction and long-term return on improved home value.

Some of our most popular storage solutions include pull out trash bins, pull out tray bins, blind corner solutions, and two-tiered pull out shelves (risers) which fit under sinks and around drain pipes. Our customers love the fact that roll out shelve eliminate the need to kneel down and dig through cabinets for hard to reach items.

Our shelves are made from beautiful natural wood that is durable and affordable, designed to move in and out easily with just the touch of a finger. The shelves are strong enough to hold items up to 100 pounds. We also offer a full line of top quality accessories to highlight any décor, ranging from hidden trash containers, Lazy Susans, tray organizers, spice racks and more!

Many people are under the impression that to get a functional kitchen they need to tear down their existing one and start over. We are on a mission to make homeowners aware that they don’t need to spend a small fortune replacing their cabinets in order to have a functional dream kitchen. The same is true with other areas in the home like the pantry, the bathrooms, the laundry room and even the garage.

Just imagine the possibilities! As the old adage says, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Give us a call to find out how ShelfGenie Pull Out shelves will enhance your storage capacity and simplify your life. We can help make your life easier and more organized, designing the perfect solution for all your cabinet storage needs.

ShelfGenie offers free design consultations, covering our different solution options based on how you use your space, how often, and what you would like to store. We will provide a detailed, customized plan based on your feedback. For a free consultation with one of our designers, call 888-491-6191.

• Every ShelfGenie design consultation is absolutely  free of charge.
• Our design consultations are always scheduled at your convenience.
• To set your convenient and free design consultation, call 888-491-6191.

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