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SLEEP MATTERS! Sleep is The Essential Ingredient to a Positive State of Body and Mind

By Abid Bhat, MD, MBA, Sleep Medicine Specialist and Sleep Coach

SLEEP MATTERS!Are you one among the 70 million Americans who suffer from sleep issues, including difficulty falling sleep, staying asleep or struggling to stay awake during the daytime? Have you been told by your bed partner you snore loudly, stop breathing in sleep, or wake up gasping and choking? Do you find it hard to calm down your mind while going to sleep? Do you suffer from anxiety and depression, fatigue, tiredness, and low energy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have a sleep disorder.

The Negative Effects of Poor Sleep
Lack of good quality sleep dramatically affects so many areas of our life, ranging from work performance and safe driving to our relationships with colleagues and family. Poor sleep is also linked to heart disease, diabetes, depression, and weight gain. Sleep, along with diet and exercise, is one of the essential pillars of health and wellness.

What is Sleep Medicine?
Sleep medicine provides medical care to people with various sleep disorders, including insomnia (difficulty falling sleep or staying sleep), sleep apnea (a person snores loud and stops breathing in sleep), parasomnia (sleep walking), restless legs syndrome (urge to move legs while trying to fall sleep) and a number of other related conditions.

Finding the Root Cause
At Sweet Sleep Studio, we specialize in finding the root cause leading to sleep problems, not merely alleviating the symptoms. By treating what is actually causing the problem, not only can sleep disorders be reversed, but your physical, emotional and psychological health will improve. Our goal is to educate, inform and enlighten people on the importance of sleep by combining the strengths of Western Medicine and Holistic Medicine. Our clinic provides one stop medical care to patients with various sleep disorders. Finding the right solution to your sleep struggles can seem impossible, but you are not alone. We can help find the perfect solution for you! Some of the common therapies we offer, and that our preferred partners offer that we highly endorse, include Acupunture, Western Medicine, Nutrition & Wellness, and Alternative Medicine.

Home Sleep Tests AVAILABLE
If a patient needs a sleep test, we make it simple by doing the sleep test at home in the patient’s own bed rather than sending him or her to a sleep lab. If sleep apnea is diagnosed, we work with other health care providers who deliver alternative options besides the CPAP machine.

Our Mission, Vision and Goal
As Your Sleep Coach
Sweet Sleep Studio’s mission is to allow people who can’t sleep to enjoy life by helping them sleep better. Our vision is to present sleep as the essential ingredient to maintain a positive state of body and mind.

Our goal is to become a center of excellence that sets the standard for personalized, comprehensive, holistic and alternative treatment for a full range of sleep disorders. We focus on education of patients and the public about the crucial role of sleep in our daily lives. Being one of the body’s basic needs, sleep is critical for restoring and preserving good health. Consider us your sleep coach!
Please visit us at to learn more, or feel free to give us a call at 913-221-6059 for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Abid Bhat, MD, MBA,
Sleep Medicine Specialist and Sleep Coach
Dr. Abid Bhat is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has been in the practice of Sleep Medicine for the last 12 years. He is a professor of Medicine and a firm believer in integrating Western Medicine with Mind-Body therapies.

Millions of Americans continue to suffer from sleep disruption but, unfortunately, the majority of them are undiagnosed. Sleep is quintessential in preventing chronic ailments like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Bhat’s passion is to present sleep as THE essential ingredient to maintain a positive state of health and well-being by combining Western medicine and Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Abid Bhat did his fellowship in Sleep Medicine from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Bloch School of Management in 2014.

He has given lectures on sleep medicine and the importance of sleep at the local and national levels and his research has been published in a number of reputed national and international journals. He is regularly featured on local news channels. Dr. Bhat has lived in Kansas City since 2006 and is an avid fan of the KC Royals and Chiefs!

Sweet Sleep Studio
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