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The Headache & Pain Center Launches #LivePainFreeInKC Initiative


LivePainFreeInKC InitiativeBright blue skies, blankets of snow, crisp days and cozy nights by a crackling fire. For many people, winter is a welcome time of year. But for people with certain diseases like arthritis, it can be a pain—literally. That’s one of the reasons the specialists at the Headache & Pain Center are launching the #LivePainFreeInKC initiative – to raise awareness on how to manage your pain during the upcoming winter months.

“As the weather changes, so can the pressure in your joints,” says Dr. James Brannon, Orthopedic and Joint Preservation Surgeon at the Headache & Pain Center. “If you think of the tissues surrounding the joint as a balloon, the balloon around the joint will expand a little when air pressure is low. The expanding tissues put pressure on the joint.”

So, when you hear someone say that they can predict the weather by the pain in their joints – there is some validity to their claim.

Surviving the Winter Months
with Joint Pain
There are many ways to alleviate and prevent joint pain and soreness and some are simple steps to take at home.

1.    Do what you can to keep warm – Bundle up from head to toe in several layers, preheat the car before getting into it and make sure your home or apartment is kept warm.
2.    Sleep under an electric blanket and put clothes into the dryer before dressing.

3.    Keep moving – Exercise the affected joints before going out in the cold weather. This also helps to maintain a regular exercise program year round. Exercise will not only loosen stiff joints, but will help prevent winter weight gain that puts more stress on painful joints.

4.    Take measures to reduce your risk of falling.If you have osteoporosis, in addition to following the treatment plan your doctor prescribes, it’s important to take measures to reduce your risk of falling. Make sure you have handrails on your porch, keep sidewalks free of snow and ice, and avoid wearing shoes with slippery soles.

Helping You Get Your Pain
Under Control
Whether your pain is from arthritis, cancer treatments, fibromyalgia, or an old injury, you need to find a way to get your pain under control. The specialists at the Headache & Pain Center have been serving the Greater Kansas City area for 30 years and offer customized treatment plans for everyone. As part of the #LivePainFreeInKC Initiative, HPC is encouraging those living with chronic pain to make an appointment with their doctor.

“Nobody should live in uncontrolled pain,” said HPC Medical Director, Dr. Mauricio Garcia. “We want our patients and our community members to have a productive and meaningful life, and controlling their pain is part of that.”

For more information on the Headache & Pain Center’s staff and services, call 913-491-3999 or visit www.headacheandpaincenter.com. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and share with others. #LivePainFreeInKC today

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