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The messageQube: Keeping Older Adults Connected with the People Who Care for Them

Truth be told, when Rob Sweeney first invented the messageQube, he never imagined it would impact public safety systems, or be the communication hub that remotely monitors congestive heart failure patients. However, he did think it could make it easier for family and friends to communicate with elderly and ill people. Rob saw his own mom in a lonely hospital room, and he couldn’t stomach the thought of her feeling alone. While he and his family would visit and call often, she deserved to know she was always on the minds of loved ones—even when he and other family members couldn’t be there next to her.

Connecting Those Who Do Not Use Email or Text Messaging
At the messageQube company, wellness comes in a variety of flavors. Whether it’s connecting the elderly who do not use email or text messaging, or bringing joy to families who are caring for loved ones with debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or ALS, the messageQube lets patients receive loving notes, reminders and pictures from family and friends in an easy-to-use printed format.

A Tool for Physicians to Monitor Key Vital Signs
It’s also being used as a tool to help physicians monitor key vital signs of congestive heart failure patients and recognize trends that lead to acute episodes in patients. The messageQube Bluetooth version acts as a wireless hub that connects weight scales and blood pressure cuffs, then transmits the readings to healthcare providers so they can remotely monitor the condition of patients in their homes.

A Simple, Cellular, Wireless Printer Device
A simple device, the messageQube is a cellular, wireless printer that has it’s own 10-digit phone number making it easy for people to send text messages right from their cell phones. Using the free web app and free mobile apps for the iPhone and Android, it’s also easy for family and friends to send pictures and longer notes that print on the messageQube in black and white.

Communicates with Loved Ones at Home or in Senior Living Facilities
Now that Rob’s Mom, Jean, is out of the hospital, the messageQube continues to enhance the way family communicates with her at home. Jean is an 83 year-old grandmother who resides in a senior living facility. When family cannot visit or talk over the phone, her children and grandkids use their cell phones and the messageQube mobile and web apps to send pictures and notes to her every day. It might be a simple note that tells Jean that she is loved. Or perhaps it’s a reminder about a physician’s appointment from her daughter who will be picking her up later in the day. Or maybe it’s a picture of her newborn great-grandson, along with a note telling her that everyone is fine. These types of messages bring joy and happiness to Jean’s life. She feels connected with family and a part of their every day lives.

Or how about Joe, a Parkinson’s patient who lives in Oregon while his family members live in four other states. Joe has lost his voice and the use of his hands to communicate. His spirit is strong, as he’s cared for by a group of committed care givers in a special home. But the ability for family members to communicate daily is very difficult…that is, until Joe received his messageQube.

As Joe’s sister Lucy says, “Imagine the frustration of trying to communicate with a loved one who lives thousands of miles away and cannot use the phone, computer or write due to physical handicaps.” This is the situation that Lucy and her siblings face because their brother suffers from severe complications of Parkinson’s disease. “We were introduced to the messageQube recently and what a lifeline it has been for us! We are excited and thankful to be able to communicate with him again,” said Lucy. Using the messageQube, Lucy and her siblings are able to send messages and photos throughout the day that are received within seconds. Lucy continues, “This technology has allowed us to shower our brother with love and we are forever grateful because he treasures hearing from us daily.”

For people like Jean, Joe and their families, personal wellness means giving and receiving emotional happiness and joyous moments each and every day. The messageQube lets people communicate in a very simple way. It lets people who are comfortable using technology communicate with people who either aren’t comfortable with it, or with those who simply can no longer use it.

Low Cost! Priceless Benefits!
The messageQube enhances the personal well being of individuals by easily connecting them with family and friends. It’s simple to use, yet powerful. Learn more about the messageQube and purchase one at www.messageQube.com. It costs $169 with a monthly subscription fee of $21 for the wireless service with unlimited messaging and free mobile and web apps. Shipping is free, and it will be sent activated to loved ones anywhere in the United States.

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