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The University of Kansas Hospital: LEADING THE WAY TO ADVANCED HEART CARE

The University of Kansas HospitalIf you or someone in your family has heart disease or a heart condition, where you choose to receive care is a determining factor in your outcome. At The University of Kansas Hospital’s Center for Advanced Heart Care, you’ll find one of the nation’s leading heart programs. Our experienced cardiac team is committed to providing exceptional evidence-based care. With a focus on precise diagnosis and treatment, patients require fewer procedures and experience shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries and better outcomes.


Specialists at the valve center diagnose and treat even the most complex valve conditions. Our cardiac surgeons specializing in valve repair and replacement have the expertise to perform complex procedures on patients who may be deemed too high-risk by other heart surgeons. Our cardiologists and surgeons also treat patients who have had one or more previous heart surgeries

and may require multiple procedures. In addition to our renowned heart care team, we have specialists in more than 200 fields. Their expertise may prove valuable in your diagnoses and recommended treatment plan.


The Center for Advanced Heart Care offers every transcatheter valve procedure currently available in the nation. We provide minimally invasive repair for all four valves and total endoscopic robotic valve surgery. When surgery is the best option, we provide repair or replacement of any valve – aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary.

“When you’ve had heart surgery, the first thing people look for is that scar on your chest, but it’s just not that way with robotic surgery!”

–Terylan Walker Tonganoxie, Kansas


As part of the region’s premier academic medical center, The University of Kansas Hospital’s Heart Valve Center provides advanced treatment for heart valve disorders.

As new treatments become available, they will be tested here first.

• Receive all the information you need the same day.

• Complete tests and receive results during your visit.

• Meet with a cardiologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon at the same time in the same location and    receive a comprehensive, individualized plan of care.


Top 5 questions to ask your doctor

If you, or a family member, have been diagnosed with a heart valve condition, your first step is to gather the information necessary to make a knowledgeable decision about your healthcare. The answers to these five questions will help you take an active role in your treatment plan and make an informed decision about where you receive treatment.

1. What is the nature of my valve problem?

2. What are the options for treatment?

3. Why would I need to replace or repair the valve?

4. What are the risks and benefits of the procedure?

5. What can I expect in terms of recovery time and return to normal activities?

Understanding your diagnosis is vital to forming expectations about outcomes. At The University of Kansas Hospital’s Heart Valve Center, our medical team will provide the answers that ensure you know exactly what to expect before, during and after your procedure. In most cases, patients feel remarkably better. In some cases, the treatment may stop or slow progression of the problem and symptoms may ease or cease entirely.


Our specialists deliver excellent outcomes by focusing on less-invasive procedures, which require smaller incisions, fewer transfusions and result in fewer complications and faster recoveries. We are one of the few hospitals in the nation, and the only hospital in the region, to offer all transcatheter valve treatments – procedures performed without open surgery – available today. As the region’s premier academic medical center, we consistently offer treatments unavailable elsewhere in the region, providing more options for our patients.


If your physician has answered all of your questions, why would you seek a second opinion? When making a decision about your heart treatment, a second opinion provides reassurance and confidence that your treatment plan is the best option for your condition. The University of Kansas Hospital offers a second opinion service. To receive a second opinion from our valve center, call 913.588.1227 to schedule an appointment.


Our heart and heart surgery program ranked #24 on U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-13 Best Hospitals list. Based on our commitment to quality, we have been named among the nation’s top 50 hospitals for six consecutive years. The heart surgery program at The University of Kansas Hospital has received a three-star rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. This rating goes only to the top 10 percent of the nation’s surgery programs and is based on quality performance measures.

“I was so impressed with The University of Kansas Hospital team, that I declined an invitation to have my procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital.”

– Whitney Bailey Stillwater, Oklahoma


More patients in Kansas and Missouri choose The University of Kansas Hospital for heart valve care over any other hospital in the Kansas City area. As the regional heart valve center, we offer care that is unavailable elsewhere in the region. Our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons have more combined years of experience than any other heart care group in the region. Our surgeons were first in Kansas City to perform complex valve procedures and have performed more of these combined procedures than other teams in the region

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