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MLB Hall of Famer and Thirteen-Time Gold Glove Winner Ozzie Smith will highlight SportsFest 2017 – the 3rd Annual Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City Athletics and Healthy Lifestyle program fundraiser.

THE WIZARD OF OZ IS COMING!!The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City provide a fun, safe environment where children of all ages learn, play, grow and meet new friends. From athletics and healthy lifestyle instruction to education and group activities, the Clubs provide quality programs to hundreds of area youth every day.
“The Wizard” as he was known throughout his career, wowed hundreds of thousands of fans all across the nation with his acrobatic moves and stellar play as shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. Ozzie is also known for his support of the Boys & Girls Clubs’ National Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City’s RBI program provides an affordable opportunity for young boys and girls from the urban core to learn to play our national pastime. It is one of ten sports programs offered through the Clubs Sports LAB program.

All children, regardless of their circumstances, will have a shot at bright, successful futures right here in Kansas City.
The long-term goal of the Clubs’ programs is to ensure members have the skills they need to graduate high school and pursue college, vocational training, or a career.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America worked with the Search Institute to identify five key elements that lead our youth down a path to success:
1.    A safe, positive environment: The Club is a safe haven where members feel physically and emotionally secure at all times.
2.    Fun: Members engage in play in a positive, welcoming environment and are eager to come to the Club.
3.    Supportive relationships: Every young person builds strong friendships with peers and feels connected to one or more adults.
4.    Opportunities and expectations: Club staff and programs consistently communicate the expectation that every child has the potential to excel, be productive and succeed at the Club and in life.
5.    Recognition: The Club takes every opportunity to recognize and validate Club members’ achievements and accomplishments.

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, young lives are changing for the better every day… all because of generous support from friends like you. Thank you for caring.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City
Nancy & Gordon Beaham
4001 Blue Parkway, Suite 102, Kansas City, MO 64130
816-361-3600 •

Sports Lifestyle, Attitude and Behavior Program

Sports LAB is a sports-centric program utilizing creative expression and strategic thinking along with physical activity to teach Club members basic life skills through sports instruction and participation.

There are 4 key elements:

  • Lifestyle – “How are you Living?”
  • Actively caring for yourself through wise decision-making, maintaining proper nutrition, rest and training. The importance of preparation is also stressed.

Attitude – “Where’s your Head?”
Concentration and Focus. The importance of mental toughness and acuity and a strong sense of ‘self’ are central to this component of the Sports LAB equation. Success and achievement are fostered in one’s disposition. A positive (vs. a defeatist) approach in dealing with challenges and adversity in sports and life is taught, emphasized and encouraged.

The benefits of working together as a cohesive unit (a team) are emphasized.

Behavior –“What are you Doing?”
Constructive vs. Destructive actions and conduct. Assessing the playing field and competition and making proper decisions are key points of emphasis. Members will learn how to process significant amounts of information quickly and make a decision. In those cases where the decision leads to a less than positive result, participants will learn how to manage their disappointment.
These learned skills can and will easily translate to the decision-making process when dealing with conflict and adversity on the playing field and in life.

Career Development – This element of the Sports LAB program focuses solely on the career opportunities available for those young people interested in sports as a vocation but not necessarily gifted
or talented enough to make the transition to competing on a major college or professional level.

Throughout their Sports LAB experience, members will have an opportunity to meet and interact with individuals whose careers are tied to professional sports though not actually performing on the  field, e.g., coaches, trainers, managers, statisticians, reporters, groundskeepers, etc. Through these exposures, we will inspire members to continue to plan and pursue a post-secondary educational experience leading them to a rewarding career in an industry that feeds their sports passion.

Reserve your seat for SportsFest 2017 today and spend the afternoon with us as we chat with MLB Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith! All guests receive a ticket to the Royals vs. Rockies game at the K that evening. For more information, call 816-361-3600 or visit

Interested in making a contribution to the Clubs? Contact us at 816-361-3600 or donate online at

Would you like to sponsor one of the Clubs sports leagues/teams or special events? Call 816-361-3600.
Jobs/Volunteer Opportunities

For more information on job openings or volunteer opportunities, call 816-361-3600 or email

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