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Tips for Back to School!

Advice from Students, Teachers, Counselors and Parents

By Rachel Lewis

Tips for Back to School!It’s that time of year. The beginning of the school year is once again upon us. Walk through any major retailer and the back to school advertisements and merchandise can’t be missed. It suddenly seems that everything teens should do to prepare for school comes down to buying new things. Instead of focusing on the material aspects of the back to school season, we at Success Skills Weekly want to focus on what teens should do to have a successful term. To that end, we interviewed students, teachers, counselors, and parents to get their advice about how to have a great term and put the 6 most mentioned pieces below.

1). Be Positive and Organized.
The best way to start out the term is by being positive and organized. It is much easier to remain positive and organized if you start out that way. Organization should also be something personal that you decide. Find out what works best for you and organize yourself that way. Not everyone learns in the same manner so figuring out how you learn and catering to that will help you stay ahead.

2). Discover Your Resources.
You should also discover what resources you have at your disposal. Does your school have a writing lab? Do your teachers post assignments online? Does your school offer tutoring? What study materials are available to you through your school library? Do you have resources available to you outside of school? Knowing ahead of time where you go for extra help or quick questions will help you stay on top of assignments and tests so that you don’t feel like you are falling behind.

3). Get To Know Your Teachers.
Your teachers are the ones who decide your grades and for high school students will be the ones writing letters of recommendation for college. Sharing personal goals for each class and being honest with your teachers about problems or difficulties you are facing in each course can go
a long way to helping you in the long term.

4). Be Respectful.
That includes being respectful to your teachers, your friends, your parents, and most importantly to yourself.

5). Do Your Best.
Try your best and don’t hold yourself to someone else’s standard. You know when you are doing your best work so be proud of the effort you are putting in to achieve the grades you
are getting.

6). Avoid the Drama.
Students, parents, and teachers agreed that it takes your focus away from your work and that can affect your grades as well as your friendships. It’s better to just stay away than getting all worked up.

Success Skills Exercises Can Help!
We here at Success Skills Weekly want students to succeed not only in the classroom but also in whatever they choose to do after school. Skills such as time management, goal setting, conflict management, leadership, and confidence building are things that can help students go further and aim higher. Those skills along with others are what we focus on in our weekly exercises. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you or your child get ahead and stay ahead. Call us at 1-877-872-5019 or email us at

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis graduated with honors from the University of Kansas in just three and a half years in December, 2010, and has already written a book and started her second business.  She has been interviewed by the New York Times, USA Today, Fox Business and has been cited in an article in Forbes on successful businesses. She has worked with students from middle school through college helping with goal setting, confidence building, study skills, and getting ready for “the real world.” She launched Success Skills Weekly with her mother and brother to assist students with critical skills that are needed for success, but not being taught anywhere. Rachel is a member of the Junior League of Kansas City, and was selected as a Belle of the American Royal in 2011 and has been an active volunteer for the BOTAR and the American Royal organizations. She is also an Assistant Dance and Cheer Team Coach at her high school alma mater.

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