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Tips to Study for Finals

By Rachel Lewis

Study for FinalsSince spring break just ended, finals may seem like the furthest thing away. The weather is finally getting warmer and the lure of being outside beckons. Every teenager has what seems like endless things to do before even beginning to worry about finals, especially since they are over a month away. However, come May, finals will be a thorn in your side. You will feel the need to cram in all of the information you have learned over the course of this semester or year. Instead of panicking in a month, here are some tips to help you start to get organized for finals starting now.

1)    Start studying early.
Many people know that studying little bits over longer periods of time is the best way to go about it, but that can be quite hard to put into action. Start making note of what you are struggling with now so that you can make sure everything is organized and you get help from teachers or classmates before May. From those notes, you can create a study plan where you go over things a little bit at a time.

2)    Create goals for yourself.
Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step in achieving it. If you want an A or a B, make sure you know what you have to do to get it. What will be on the test? What form will it take? Answering those questions can help you set up a plan to attain the goals you want.

3)    Prioritize your tests.
Not all tests are created equal. Everyone has subjects they excel in while struggling in others. Make sure you choose to focus on the class that you are struggling in rather than studying for each class equally, which will only pull time away from where you really need it.

4)    Understand yourself and how you learn.
Everyone learns differently. Don’t feel that you need to organize how your best friend or other classmates do. Study in the way that works best for you. If that means color-coding, then go for it. If that means creating pictures or changing lyrics to songs, then do it. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on you and how you learn best.

5)    Create a study space if you don’t already have one.
Having a space solely dedicated to studying can make a large difference. Set up the space so that it caters to you and is comfortable to be in for periods of time. Having a space where all you do is study helps you get in the mindset of studying and can have a large effect on productivity.

These are just a few tips to help you start getting prepared for the “awful“ tests that will eventually stand between you and summer break. Just remember to take snack breaks and to get enough sleep and you will be golden.

Everyone over at Success Skills Weekly wishes you the best of luck on your tests! Just remember to start organizing and studying now.

For additional tips on studying for finals, please contact us at info@SuccessSkillsWeekly.com or call 1-877-872-5019 for more information.

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis graduated with honors from the University of Kansas in just three and a half years in December, 2010, and has already written a book and started her second business.  She has been interviewed by the New York Times, USA Today, Fox Business and has been cited in an article in Forbes on successful businesses. She has worked with students from middle school through college helping with goal setting, confidence building, study skills, and getting ready for “the real world.” She launched Success Skills Weekly with her mother and brother to assist students with critical skills that are needed for success, but not being taught anywhere. Rachel is a member of the Junior League of Kansas City, and was selected as a Belle of the American Royal in 2011 and has been an active volunteer for the BOTAR and the American Royal organizations. She is also an Assistant Dance and Cheer Team Coach at her high school alma mater.

If you would like more information about a success skills program for your middle school, high school or college age student, please visit www.SuccessSkillsWeekly.com,  email Rachel directly at rachel@successskillsweekly.com or call 1-877-872-5019.

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