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Try These 5 Diabetes Tips!

Try These 5 Diabetes Tips!First things first – what is diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition that prevents the body from properly using energy from food. This condition occurs when the body can’t use glucose (a type of sugar) normally. Glucose is the main source of energy for the body’s cells. The levels of glucose in the blood are controlled by a hormone called insulin, which is made by the pancreas. Insulin helps glucose enter the cells.

In diabetes, the pancreas does not make enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or the body can’t respond normally to the insulin that is made (type 2 diabetes). This causes glucose levels in the blood to rise, leading to symptoms such as increased urination, extreme thirst, and unexplained weight loss.

What are risk factors for diabetes?
A family history of diabetes
High waist measurement
Man: waist >35.5 inches
Woman: waist >31.5 inches
Body mass index higher than 25
Age > 45 years
High blood pressure

Simple tips make life easier
Life with diabetes is never easy, so we’re sharing five simple tips to make life with this perplexing
illness easier or better in some practical way.
These are non-medical tips; please consult your physician before changing your routine.

1.    Starburst Instead of Glucose Tabs. As fast as glucose tablets, but more palatable, four Starburst candies contain 16 grams of carbohydrates – just like glucose. Make sure to take in a good source of protein such as peanut butter crackers to help stabilize blood sugar afterwards and keep it from becoming too low again.

2.    My Fitness Pal. This free app is amazing for counting carbs. Their bar code scanning feature not only accurately tracks what you consume, but can provide precise nutrition information, thanks to the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database – over 5 million foods!
3.    Soft Drink Cheat. If you’re not sure if a soft drink is regular or diet, test your blood sugar, then dip your finger in the drink and test again. It’s an easy way to catch a sugary soda before drinking it.

4.    Measure the Glasses in Your Cupboard. Learn which glasses or cups hold 3 or 4 oz only, so when your blood sugar is low, you can grab one and fill it with juice without worrying that you’re over-treating.

5.    Relax. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, seeing a high number can be alarming. Do not panic. Stressful situations can release hormones that will cause your blood sugar to go even higher. Simple relaxation exercises and other stress management techniques can help you gain more control over blood sugar levels, according to a study conducted at Duke University. Once you’ve pinpointed your stressors and notice which ones affect your blood sugar levels, you can find a way to relax.

Get a Second Pair of Eyes. If your doctor has prescribed home health care, Village Home Health offers telehealth services to its patients. The tablet-based application monitors you remotely in your home, tracking your diabetes-related metrics. Having a daily snapshot allows us to identify potentially dangerous trends early, and helps you manage your diabetes at home.

To learn more about the compassionate care provided by Village Home Health, please call their Kansas Office at 913-403-8343 or their Missouri Office at 816-524-1133.

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