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What do an Olympic Boxer, Working Mother, and CEO All Have in Common?


Grant Bradshaw
Grant Bradshaw

My name is Grant Bradshaw, and I’m in the business of changing lives. I am a personal trainer by trade. You might argue that means I’m in the business of changing bodies, but you’d be missing the bigger picture. Before I can ever successfully work with someone to help them change their body, the first thing I have to do is work with them to change their mindset. Once we accomplish that, we don’t stop with changing the body. What we do is work together to change a life.

Cam Awesome, Olympic Boxer
Case in point – Mr. Cam F. Awesome. If you’ve looked at Facebook, the local news, or even ESPN lately, you’ve seen Cam. Cam is Kansas City’s man on a mission, a local heavyweight boxer from Lenexa who recently qualified to represent the United States at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer. Cam was already a great champion when he met me, ranked as one of the best fighters worldwide. Why would Cam let me try to teach him anything after already reaching such a high level of success? At first, he wasn’t going to let me. Cam laughed and joked all the time that he had no need for strength training and conditioning. In truth, he let me start working with him as a personal favor. But that small measure of trust in me and my process was all it took to start a fire burning inside of Cam. Cam came to realize very quickly that if he wanted to reach his true potential, he needed to change his mindset. And that is precisely what he did. Cam made the process of transformation his own, shifting from a half-hearted approach to fitness to a perspective of strict attention and firm discipline. The more he focused, the more his body changed. Cam chiseled himself down from a fighting 247 pounds to a lean and powerful 200, allowing him to move into a weight class in which he is evidently poised to dominate. First Cam changed his mind. Then he changed his body. Now he’s changing his life.

What we are really talking about here is an approach to a lifestyle, not an approach to fitness. Fitness isn’t something that you do here and there, for that one hour you log at the gym or that one meal you pick from the low calorie section of the menu. It’s something you do every second of every day. It’s a lifestyle. That is precisely why it has paid such tremendous dividends for Cam. He made it his own, and he made it his lifestyle. Cam is not an exception or an anomaly. This very same approach that changed his life has done precisely the same for countless others.

Jenny Calvert, Working Mother
Jenny Calvert is a busy mother of two. Trying to find time for fitness while training for boxing is one thing, but trying to find time for it when you’re a working mother is a different matter altogether. The job of being a mother never stops, especially when the children are real young. That is why it’s so easy for working mothers just like Jenny to deprioritize fitness, put it on the back burner, or stop thinking about it altogether. But Jenny followed the same process as Cam. First she changed her mind, then she changed her body, and now it has changed her life. Just like Cam, Jenny no longer struggles with trying to find time for fitness. She has made it her lifestyle.
The struggle ends where the change of mindset begins.

Jason Smitka, CEO
Jason Smitka is the CEO of Scout Financial Group. As an executive, Jason balances a hectic schedule with a list of demands just as formidable as Cam and Jenny’s, but his obstacles to leading a fit lifestyle go one further. Jason is former military, a swimmer, and a surfer. He was already in pretty good shape when he met me. That in and of itself can hold back many from reaching towards the next highest level – a mindset of complacence. When asked what made the difference in helping him reevaluate his potential, Jason said, “What Grant offers is a relationship, not a transaction. It doesn’t stop when I leave his gym. He’s always texting me, calling or emailing, asking what I’m eating or how I’m training when I’m not there with him. That relationship is what has made all the difference in the world.”

Helping People Change Their Mindset
If these people can transform their lives, so can you. It starts with changing your mindset. Stop thinking you are too old. Stop thinking you are too out of shape. Stop thinking you don’t have enough time. Stop thinking you don’t have enough money. Instead, start thinking about what it would mean to transform. Start thinking about your highest self. Start thinking about your potential. Once you’ve started thinking about that, then you are ready to begin.

Your Transformation Team
Reach out to me and my team. We’ve worked with others in the very same shoes as yours. We’ve heard every excuse, and we’ve worked through every obstacle. We’ll help you change your mindset. We’ll help you change your body. Most importantly, we’ll help you change your life. To begin the journey of changing your mindset and your body, visit, call 816-506-7451 or email

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