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YOU Hold the Key to Your Vitality

By Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Coach –

Remember the final scene in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” when Dorothy realizes she always had what she needed to get home? The key or answer may be simple, but we need guidance to understand confusing things and help us find our way.

The Power to Change is an Internal Job
As a Coach and professional athlete for over thirty years, I want to emphasize the power to change and achieve goals is an internal job. External factors will constantly bombard your thoughts and provide excuses to quit.

In order to obtain any goal, you need to know your “why.” Why is it important to you? Also, attaching emotions to your goal provides the keys to make it a reality. A life-changing “why” is not “I want to be thin,” it should be, “I want to lose weight so I will be healthier.” Another example might be, “I want to be able to enjoy my grandchildren and be physically active and really enjoy my life.”

  • Neither good health nor disease occur overnight
  • Ninety percent of health issues are lifestyle related
  • Over eighty-five percent of personal habits are established by the time children leave home at eighteen. Remember, YOU are their key role model.

Keep it Simple, thus Sustainable
Simple disciplines or errors in judgment over time matter and that is the foundation of success or failures in anything in life – health, relationships and business. I believe the “key” is to keep it simple, thus sustainable. Action is required! Convenience has a price and our “fast food” diet, fast paced lives and sedentary lifestyles are costing us our health.

We need to slow down, block out some of the clutter and make better choices, which will reduce stress and enhance your health. TCOY Wellness is about creating balance and finding the right keys to unlock good habits and increase happiness.

How Do You React to the Holiday Season?
Is it an opportunity to eat, drink and spend to excess, only to deal with the consequences later? What if you chose to be mindful and incorporate the “TCOY Philosophy”? TCOY = Take Care of You.

It isn’t what you do between Thanksgiving and New Year’s; rather what you do between New Year’s and Thanks-giving that truly makes a difference.

Physical, emotional and financial stress increases during the holidays; thus weakening the immune system and creating health issues. However, we control our thoughts and actions; thereby, holding the keys to keeping our body strong at any time of the year.

A Few Simple Disciplines You Can Incorporate to Become a Better You
By choosing to incorporate a few simple disciplines, you will find you are unlocking the chains of bad habits and becoming a better you!

  • Let go of PERFECTION! (do your best and learn to enjoy the journey)
  • Be kind to yourself (speak positive self-talk and affirmations)
  • Stay or become active (take the stairs, walk, stretch, move it – move it)
  • Drink up…H2O that is! (caffeine, sugar and alcohol increase dehydration)
  • Rest (sleep deprivation increases brain fog and accidents)
  • Laugh it up (provides an instant vacation from stress)
  • Perspective check-in (always remember there is someone worse off)
  • Write a gratitude letter (express appreciation to someone and mail the letter)
  • Technology detox (turn off the 24/7 demands for a day or weekend)
  • Choose your attitude (life is 10% what happens and 90% how your react)

The Greatest Gift You Can Give
The greatest gift you can give yourself or a loved one is to take care of yourself. Perhaps the most enduring statement a person might make to another is, “I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.” Make your dreams a reality! Any day is a good day to start the TCOY (Take Care of You) Philosophy and way of life. Action Required ~ Let’s Do Wellness Together!

Where we spend our time and money reveals our priorities. Don’t get discouraged, it is often the last key that opens the lock. Your health IS my business.

Give me a call for more information on individual and TCOY’s Company Wellness programs and learn what I can do for you!

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