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Your THOUGHTS, Your MIND, Your LIFE Creating lasting results through Inner Change

By Chastane L. Phillips, Leawood Counseling Center

Your THOUGHTSMany of us react rather than act out of choice to what life hands us. And our hidden, underlying beliefs often keep us from experiencing the full richness of our lives. You can now get in touch with these beliefs and allow yourself to explore, revise or change them if you want to. This will make the difference between a wish and your new reality!

Have you ever wondered what part of you controls your dreams when you sleep? What controls that bad mood that you can’t explain? When exercising or during times of stress, what kicks in to raise your heart rate?

How the Subconscious Mind Works
Your thoughts, emotions, fears, phobias, outcomes (wanted and unwanted), how easily you achieve your goals, how easily you can lose or gain that weight back again, addictions, bad habits, anxiety, how and why you communicate within your work environment, with your spouse, children and greater community, even many of the aches, pains and illness that you experience – all of this happens below the level of your consciousness, in what is known as the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is doing all of this and so much more, completely on its own. Essentially, it is you operating on auto pilot. So, it is no wonder that you keep  ending up with the same outcomes no matter how hard you try. Since this is happening at the subconscious level of the mind, the most effective way to create lasting change is within the subconscious level of your mind. And this is achieved through Hypnotherapy combined with the art of NLP (Neurolinguistics).

Helping You Achieve the Results and
Outcomes You Desire
Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural process in which you experience deep relaxation of the body and conscious mind, creating a highly-focused attention. This allows you to have access to a deeper understanding of your habits, behaviors, emotions as well as your physical well-being and create the change – the results and outcomes that you desire mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Today, we would never consider using a twenty year old computer to run our businesses, households or even manage our personal lives. Because as you know, it is outdated, and just imagine how painfully frustrating to try to achieve what you are wanting to with that old, outdated technology. Our minds are very much the same and operate in very much the same way. Now, you can upgrade and update that part of you that is determining and guiding your outcomes and start living your life with greater ease, comfort and efficiency!

It is my belief that each of us possesses the keys within ourselves to live a healthy, balanced and happy life without limitations, through recognizing and then changing those unwanted or limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Experience Powerful and Positive Change
With my guidance and coaching, along with compassion, love and understanding, powerful and positive change is facilitated through a profound understanding of the abilities of each individual to attain his/her goals and to experience the greatness of the hero that God has placed within each human being. And to live out that greatness – to experience all that we are meant to be and do – with joy, ease, comfort and enthusiasm.

Clients see me for a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to: stopping smoking, losing weight, stress reduction, personal and professional performance, relationship issues, goal achievement, eliminating unwanted habits, fears, phobias, addictions, sports and athletic performance, and so on.

About the Author…
Chastane L. Phillips is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Life and Business Coach. In addition, she is recognized as a Fellow with the International Board of Hypnotherapy and a member of the  National  Guild  of Hypnotists. She received her training at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America and obtained extensive personal Neurolinguistic training with Patrick Singleton, Master NLP Trainer & Practitioner.

Chastane is an expert in the use of hypnotic techniques for medical support in the areas of pain management and erasure, surgery preparation and accelerated recovery (including dental), IBS & digestive disorders, peaceful childbirth, sexual satisfaction, accelerated healing, overcoming trauma and PTSD, to name just a few. In addition, she works closely with many doctors and therapists, utilizing her many skills and modalities as an adjunct therapy, assisting their patients in achieving the beneficial and lasting outcomes that they are looking for.

She is an in-demand professional speaker with over 10 years of experience in delivering life changing messages to corporations, church groups, colleges and universities as a guest speaker and lecturer all over the United States. She has thousands of hours of leading and assisting in group experiential training seminars, as well as facilitating dynamic group work and creating positive change within corporations. She also has 15 years of business management experience and is completing the writing of her first book! Chastane also is proud and honored to be a United States military veteran.

To now create the change you want for life, call 913-696-1400 to connect. You can also visit

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